Legend of the Skyfish Game Adventure Fun with Graphic Artistic

After last August’s Legend of the Skyfish released for iOS devices, this time Android user’s turn to try the unique experience of playing this game. You may have noticed that the Legend of the Skyfish is action adventure game inspired from a variety of classic games.

Legend of the Skyfish Game Adventure Fun with Graphic Artistic

Game called Legend of the Skyfish published by Crescent Moon Games, the game is about a girl who lives in the shadow of the nation’s power Skyfish. The world in which he lived had been destroyed by the Skyfish, and his brother was missing kidnapped by the monster-fish.

Here you act as the girl who lived under the shadow of the nation Skyfish power, the evil fish that had destroyed the village and kidnapped his brother.
Armed with a rod that he hand-held, the girl was trying to save his brother in the face of a variety of fish-shaped monsters and solving puzzles that lie along the way.

Fishing rods which he held to be multifunctional. Not only can be used for fish-hooks, the tool also serves to attack the opponent and pull her body like a grappling hook. This mechanism will make the game more interesting, because you certainly will be invited to think to solve puzzles by utilizing the unique capabilities of the fishing pole in addition to defeating the monsters.

Based Crescent Moon Games, Legend of the Skyfish is a work inspired from various other quality adventure games like the Legend of Zelda and Gesundheit. The whole game has a strong puzzle elements in the game that is packed in a visually captivating, it seems Legend of the Skyfish will be the most popular game and worth a try.
Are you curious to try it out? please download at Google Store.


Tips Play Hearthstone For Beginner Players

Hearthstone is a card battle game that is easy to play but so already played two or three times and you will realize that this game save a strategy layer deep enough. For beginners, then I will share some exciting tips are very useful for new players.

Trick & Tips Play Hearthstone For Beginner Players

Hero Class and Play Style
Complete Practice Mode with all the class so that you know what style of play any other hero. Besides finding a suitable hero for you to use, through the Practice Mode you can also learn how to deal with a different hero.

Tips Play Hearthstone For Beginner Players

Each card (or also commonly called a minion) at Hearthstone has a scarcity marked with the symbol of opal in the middle of the card. Lowest card do not have opal at all and the rest have a sequence as follows: Common: white, rare: blue, epic: purple, legendary: orange.

Legendary cards are the most difficult to come by, while the most common is the card easily obtainable. Even so legendary is not necessarily the greatest card, because if you have a control card such as Deadly Shot then some legendary cards will not be too dangerous.

Quest is a pretty effective way to collect the gold (which later can you buy card packs). Quest is divided into daily quests and also specific quest.
All you need to know is that you can replace the daily quest if you do not like. But remember that Quest has three prizes rank: 40, 60 and 100 Gold. So if you change your daily quest 100 gold then you might get a Quest with gift gold less. To replace the Quest you just click the x at the top right of the Quest.

Specific quest is the quest that you can run it just once and you can not see through the game. You have to play Hearthstone with unique combinations such as quest Mrglglglgl! which will open once you collect all the cards murloc. Gift of specific quest is very diverse, ranging from gold to the card.

Tips Play Hearthstone For Beginner Players

Arena mode is similar to the regular mode, but you can not choose your favorite hero and cards. Once started, the three random hero will be offered to you, and afterward you also have to choose a card at random. The more you win the prize you get more and more, but if you lose three times and you will be kicked out of the ring and had to pay 150 gold again to enter.

Most who play in the arena are those who are more experienced, so it’s a new player you can skip the first Arena for some time. It takes 3 to 4 times to win to be able to return capital and if you do not know anything and you just throw you 50 gold. For those players who are already veterans, Arena is a good way to search for gold and cards. As for new players Quest is an easier way.

Most novice players will choose three cards where the most flattering but has a high. So the first three innings of the players may not be able to move at all. Ideally is to choose three of the first card played in the first three innings, so you can choose the card 1 Mana, card 2 Mana and card 3 Mana. But depending on the card to appear, you can also perform other strategies. But keep in mind, select the card that you can use as early as possible.

Legendary or no Legendary
No need to legendary cards to win the game. So for those of you who are just starting to play Hearthstone, do not be embarrassed or feel defeated first.
Stay calm and think about ways to cope. There are many cards such as: “Polymorph”, “Humility”, “Deadly Shot” and many more that could be the answer to the danger Minion Legendary opponent.

Do not Throw Away Your Coin
“The Coin”, which you get when opponents get Turn early, do not use vain, especially just for Hero Power in turn 1. Use “The Coin” to speed up the tempo by issuing cards that will change the course of the game.

What is that which the curve? Go to “My Collection” and select your Deck, then Hover Deck Your name (at the top right of the screen). Later will come info “Card / Mana Cost”.

The point is do not use most of the cards with big Mana, you will be cleared by an opponent who uses Deck Agro fast. Do not also all cards with Mana is low, because most likely you will be cleared at the end of the game, because all the content is only Minion cute, which will not be powerless against big Minion.
Okay, so what are you waiting let’s play Hearthstone, and apply the tips and tricks above. Good luck!

Google Allo Recent Message Sender application from Google

After the release Google Duo application for video calls, Google finally released the latest message sending application by the name of Google Allo. Google is already the Google Hangouts for the sender of the message, but why Google released the Google Allo if existing Google Hangouts? We find out the answer here.

Apps Google Allo is different from the Google Hangouts. Google Allo currently only available for mobile platforms, is not available for PC or browser.

Google Allo also simply use the phone number to be able to use the application, much like WhatsApp. Unlike the Google Hangouts using a Google account. Google Allo can only use one application to one account, in contrast to Google Hangouts that could easily be swapped account.

Google Allo Recent Message Sender application from Google

Highlighted the advantages of Google Allo is a feature of Google Assistant. This feature can help give orders to the answers of the questions you asked. Arguably the automatic answering machine. Google Assistant has the ability of some Google services such as Google Now, Google on Tap, Google Translate, Google Maps, Google Search to Google Photos.

By having the features of the service. Google Assistant can answer to the question about the combined services. Fantastic! Even to this day I still exploring what can be done Google Assistant.

Here are a few examples of what can be done by Google Assistant:

  • Play trivia games
  • knowing weather
  • Help is traveling to find places such as hotel recommendations to assist travel by plane
  • Give commands such as providing alarm settings, send SMS, played a music, make phone calls
  • Answer the question
  • Answering a score of a football game
  • See photos from Google Photo. Level option can be added a certain time.
  • Recommend places to eat closest
    and others

That make more interesting, Google Assistant can be added to personal and group conversations. Enough typing @google then select the question or command Assitant then Google will help you.

Besides Google Assistant, Google Allo also has a secret feature (incognito chat). This feature is able to provide security with encrypted message and it will be automatically deleted.

In the settings of a Google Allo, you will find a Google account sync options. Its function is to provide information to Google Assistant from your Google account data, such as a collection of photos in Google Photos, Gmail, Agenda contained in Google Calendar. Thus providing a broader experience when using Google Allo.

Then what is the drawback of the Google Allo, after trying for a few days. Here are a few drawbacks Google Allo:

  • Initial contact to see the Google Allo not contact that has been using the Google Allo. To find a contact using Google Allo able to work around this by trying to “Start incognito chat”, there you can find contacts who are already using Google Allo.
  • No preview of the current web share to Google Allo
  • Can not send files other than photos and videos
  • Google Allo settings option is still very minimal. There are only a few options that can be changed
  • There is no feature to call
  • Emoji emoticons fewer options

Google Allo with features like Google Assistant will find making these messaging services attractive. However, with the presence of Allo make so many applications to send messages on the smartphone.

Does Google Allo could compete with WhatsApp? Of course. WhatsApp became number one because it was able to defeat the application BBM. When the BBM still too exclusively to the BBM. WhatsApp has been multiplatform and can highlight its key features such as easy login with a phone number, no ads, and simple without the gimmick that is not important in the application of the message sender.

Of course, all returned to the user if the new features offered on Google Allo able to attract the attention of these applications must be able to be an option. How about you? Does Google Allo make a curious feature of Google Assistant? For those who want to try it please download directly in Google Play Store.



Review and Tips Play Game Pokemon Go

Review and Tips Play Game Pokemon Go – During this time I have never come across a game smartphone technology with augmented reality (AR) is capable of generating hype for Pokémon GO, even when the game is still not yet widely circulated though.
Occurrences Pokémon GO itself seems to be the answer for fans who wished if there is a real Pokemon in the real world, roughly what kind of monsters living in their neighborhood.

Review and Tips Play Game Pokemon Go

For those of you who follow the development of Pokémon GO games since the days of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue to Alpha Omega Ruby or Pokémon Sapphire, Pokémon Go clearly become a sort of fans service that is so fun to play through your mobile device.
Especially considering the game is to lift a variety of monsters Pokémon from the first generation that I think is much more familiar in the eyes of fans like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and many others.


Selection of monsters from the first generation of Pokémon (or also known as the Kanto Pokédex Pokémon) I think this is a very appropriate choice because most of them are so very popular due medium of the comic adaptation of manga, anime, and also a movie Pokémon.
So, if you did not understand the development of a new generation of Pokémon monsters, and you now find a proper Pokémon game for almost all the monsters here are a variety of funny creatures that may be used to adorn childhood you all. Here page tool Pokemon GO hack Poke-coins

Review and Tips Play Game Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO easy to understand
Like the AR game Ingress which was also developed by Niantic Labs, Pokémon GO encourage players to actively move and explore the environment around them in order to hunt a variety of Pokémon that exist out there.
Every monster you find also randomized in a number of locations, so sometimes unpredictable occurrence. This game provides the option Nearby Pokémon to see what kind of monster that is around you.


Pokémon GO game is basically the same as a Pokémon game in Nintendo’s handheld platform only you will encounter a variety of additional new features such as GPS Geo-Tagging and AR.
Features GPS Geo-Tagging itself functioned to put some locations Pokéstop useful as a means of collecting items like pokeball checkpoint, Potion, and others. The existence of these items are so crucial for Pokémon GO games so that the players are invited to visit a wide variety of strategic locations, such as monuments and places of worship in their city to come Pokéstop.


When you encounter a monster, this game provides a sort of mini-games that utilize the interaction throwing Pokeball AR camera. How to catch it yourself quite easy, all you have to do is hold your finger on a Pokeball to determine the strength of your throw and hurl toward Pokémon.
If successful, these monsters will be listed in your Pokédex and you can sell it through Transfer feature (to get items Candy Evolution), make it strong with an option level up, or turn it into a new kind of Pokémon (evolution).


The translation of some functions of the game was first I dug with a little taste of the difficulties due to the lack of a tutorial in Pokémon GO Similar to Ingress, Niantic Labs presents an interface that is so minimalist design without providing the tool tips for each game icon function. Who are here are just a Help button that provides explanatory text briefly.
Apart from the lack of earlier, Pokémon GO fortunately not overload the players with too complex mechanisms so that anyone can master the subtleties of the game mechanics of this game in a matter of a few hours.


Competition between teams endless
The thrill of the new Pokémon GO game really feels so your character started to move into the five levels. Here you are welcome to choose the three teams representing a faction with a different color: yellow for the Instinct, blue for teams Mystic, and red as the team Valor. All three had been representing the PvP game mechanics in an effort to compete for points Pokémon Gym locations scattered throughout the country.
Mastering a Pokémon Gym itself is the only way to earn currency that serves Pokécoins IAP to purchase a variety of items ranging from tools inviter Pokémon, bundle pokeball, upgrade bag, machine incubator, and others.


You need to know also that Pokémon Gym care requires teamwork minimum of three players (or three accounts Pokémon GO) to keep that is not easily fall into the hands of another team. If you just keep the gym alone, then the enemy can win your authority area was only by defeating the monsters Pokémon who was on guard duty at the Gym.
With the prize (and pride prestige) of the mechanism of seizure Pokémon Gym earlier, all the people are now flocking to form a solid team and strengthen the collection of their monsters in order to face the tough competition between teams of Pokémon Trainer that will not be endless.

Review and Tips Play Game Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go Plus
If you follow the news about the development of Pokémon games you may remember the existence of a unique bracelet named Pokémon Go Plus.
When it was announced, bracelet Bluetooth technology gives the impression of luxury that makes me wonder if this tool is a must for the players to be able to really enjoy Pokémon GO.


The main function of Pokémon Go Plus itself is as a tool detector for players to let them know where monsters Pokémon and locations Pokéstop around them. With this tool you can glean items contained in each location Pokéstop practically without opening the smartphone screen altogether.