Clash of Clans farming Trophy Cheats

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Easy way to get the trophy is when we want to attack, choose an opponent who put a fence outside the Town Hall and Town Hall crush the opponent with Archer. By destroying the Town Hall we’ve got the trophy. Do it repeatedly until the trophy is fulfilled.

You can attack and keep attacking every day by collecting Trophy after you win, even to use force Pekka, Giant, Dragon, and so on. The types of such forces is not only wasteful of space and time, but also expensive! But some clashers can get a lot Trophy by simply using Archer and Barbarian, but this way of course guns easily. Then the way as what is more effective?
Clash of Clans to farming Trophy

Easy way to Clash of Clans farming Trophy

Let us first see the basic concept, to a clasher can win an attack, he should get at least one star. The first star can be obtained by destroying 50% base or eliminate the opponent Town Hall opponent. If you can do both, then you will get 2 stars. To get 3 stars, you must successfully destroy the opponents base 100%.
Now, with the knowledge of this basic concept, and with the purpose of farming Trophy, then focus your attack goal to reach 2 star alone. Then when you’re ready, follow these easy tips below.

Clash of Clans Cheats Strategy
Strategies for farming Trophy (version 1) wrote this simple, you just need to use strategy BARCH. To begin with, if you have 2 Barrack, fill 1 Barrack with Archer and Barrack the other with a Barbarian. If you have 3, then fill them again with Archer (Archer: Barbarian = 2: 1). If it has 4, use the same system, one for the Barbarian and the rest for Archer (Archer: Barbarian = 3: 1). And do not forget to upgrade both these troops in the Laboratory.

1. Choose your opponent
Make sure you find opponents base provides plenty Trophy for in-loot, at least at a minimum 25. Base is the ideal opponent that has many non-defense units outside of the wall. If it is difficult to come by, its core search base Trophy opponent with the best figures. If you are lucky to get the base of your opponent by Town Hall exposed, launch 4-5 Archer unit and wait until it is destroyed or simply use Hero units.

2. Launch the troops
Use the multi-touch features on this gadget and free games. Launch forces on the right and left base opponents alternately up and down one by one. In this way, you will get a semi-circular shape of the troops. This applies to all units, the order Archer first and then Barbarian (if they exist) closed with an army Archer again. Try it first consider what percentage of that you get. if you can get 50% with 20 units remaining Archer, then save it for the next farming.

Alternative strategies on Clash of Clans Cheats
For an alternative to the above strategy, you can use BARCH strategy, which use 40 Minion and the rest Archer. But with this strategy, attacking only from one side. Remove 1 unit Minion used to trigger Air Bomb opponent, then muster all Archer and Clan Castle. Having exhausted all the outermost unit you destroy, then you launch the Minion to invade into the deepest part of the base opponents. For the Town Hall 7, with level 3 and Archer Minion level 6, is secured potent strategy for farming 1900+ Trophy really easily.  Clash of Clans farming Trophy Cheats