Review Clash Royale Game

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Clash Royale is the latest game from Supercell, the game carries the theme of the fight card games directly against each other.
Why Clash Royale booming lately?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Clash Royale?


Review Clash Royale Game:

Gameplay. Each player is required to prepare 8 cards to be placed in the deck. Deck is what will be used as a tool to play.

The main objective in this game Clash Royale is every player should be able to destroy the Tower opponent, namely Arena Tower and King Tower. In addition to destroying the Tower, players must also be able to maintain his own Tower from being destroyed.


Review Clash Royale Game


The graphics are presented in the game Clash Royale somewhat better than similar games. If you are a player Clash of Clans, you will know the advantages of one of the forces there.
There are few characters of Clash of Clans remade for Clash Royale, like Barbarian, Archer, Witch, Wizard, Giant, Goblin, Hog Rider, Dragon, Baloon, PEEKA, and much more. In addition to bringing some characters COC, Clash Royale also has original characters such as Knight, Prince, Musketeer, Baby Dragon, Mini Pekka, and Skeletons.


Audio in Clash Royale also arguably good. Almost every character in the Clash Royale has a different sound. The difference from when dropping troops (deployed) and attack even when the troops destroyed.


Just like strategy games in general, Clash Royale has been available Clan features. By joining a clan or create their own clan you can ask for some additional cards, 10 cards Common or one card Rare every 8 hours. In addition, you can also do sparring or a fight fellow clan members.


Clash Royale is one game that can be played only at leisure. Unlike Clash of Clans that requires us online continues, Clash Royale could you leave without fear of losing the card.

Graphics and Audio in the game is also quite better than gaming like. Due Clash Royale is a strategy game that is played in real-time, before playing a game Clash Royale, make sure you have a stable internet connection in order to avoid breaking the connection problem.

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